Big 6 2260 Reflective Duct Insulation


Commercially tough yet installation friendly, Big 6 meets or exceeds all requirements for all duct types requiring R6 Code Requirements.

The Big-6 Reflective Duct Insulation has been tested to an R-6 and is classified as Class 1/Class A in accordance with the ASTM E84-09 fire test standard. The product was mounted in accordance to ASTM-E2599-08. An inspector-friendly easily visible code certification strip on Big-6 means no hassles at the jobsite and extra peace of mind for installers.

rFOIL Big-6 is specially designed to reduce radiant heat gain/loss in all residential and commercial duct applications. rFOIL also helps control condensation by providing an airtight thermal break around duct work.

Increase system efficiency and lower HVAC equipment stress by installing Big-6 today!


  • Stops Virtually All Heat from RADIATING into or out of Duct Systems
  • Sealed Air Spaces Provide Tremendous Condensation Control
  • High Compression Resistance Maintains Thermal Value
  • Clean, Safe, and Easy Installation Results in Lower Labor Costs
  • Simple to Cut and Configure around Obstructions
  • Will Not Harbor Mold, Mildew, or Other Fungi
  • Will Not Rot, Degrade, Compress or Break Down Thermal Value over Time
  • Seals Duct System from Attic Dust and Fibrous Glass Particles
  • Suitable for All Duct Types
  • Allows Inspectors to Easily Identify Product and Specs


  • rFOIL Big-8 has TWO layers of thick SINGLE polyethylene bubble pack reflective insulation compared to Big-6 that has ONE DOUBLE layers of polyethylene bubbles sandwiched between two highly reflective surfaces.
  • rFoil Big-8 has additional supplied separate spacers compared to Big-6 which has only pre-attached spacers.
  • Choose rFOIL Big-8 if you need a product tested to an R-8, Big-6 if you need a product tested to an R-6; and R4-2 2290 for jobs requiring R-6 or R4.2 with a low-profile.

Product Documents

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Applications for Big 6 2260 Reflective Duct Insulation

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