Most rFOIL insulation products include a manufacturer’s 10 Year Limited Warranty. This includes product series Ultra CBF 1600 (Concrete Barrier Foil), Ultra CBF 1620 (Concrete UnderPad), 1800 (Radiant Barriers), 2200 (F/F Reflective Insulation), Big 6 2260 (Reflective Duct Insulation), Big 8 2280 (Reflective Duct Insulation), 2290 (Reflective Duct Insulation), 2500 (Metal Building Insulation), Ultra CBF 4300 (Concrete UnderPad), and 4800 (Radiant Barriers).  For more information regarding this limited 10 year warranty or how to submit a claim visit this web page.

The rFOIL 2600 Series Insulation products offers a 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty which also includes a 10-year UV degradation warranty on material flaking and labor cost. See more information on the 2600 Series Warranty here.

Our warranties and products are considered by many experts in the field to be the best and most reliable in the industry. If you have any other questions please use this form and we’ll respond.

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