4800 NT Radiant Barrier

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4800 NT Radiant Barrier


Reduce air conditioning costs in the summer while reducing heating costs in the winter with rFOIL 4800 NT Radiant Barrier. In addition to energy savings, a radiant barrier can significantly enhance a home’s level of comfort.

Our NT Radiant Barrier works well alone or as an additional layer of protection to increase the performance of existing insulation in walls, ceilings, and especially attics.

Choose either 4800P or 4800S, depending on your needs. rFOIL 4800P (S) NT radiant barrier is a perforated (non-perforated) sheet made up of a single layer of woven polyethylene bonded to and sandwiched between two highly reflective radiant barrier sheets.

For a superior Wall, Ceiling, or Attic Radiant Barrier, choose rFOIL 4800!


  • Blocks 96% of Radiant Heat Transfer
  • Lowers Summer Attic Temperatures
  • Increases Winter Attic Heat Retention
  • Perforated for Breathability
  • Non-toxic & Non-carcinogenic
  • Class 1/Class A fire rating
  • Enhances Performance of Installed Fiber Insulation
  • Clean, Safe, and Easy to Install
  • Simple to Cut and Configure around Obstructions
  • Durable and Flexible Polyethylene Base


  • 4800P is perforated and is a good option as a house wrap.
  • 4800S is solid and is a good option for a vapor barrier.
  • Choose rFOIL 3800 instead of 4800 for when a less substantial solution will suffice.
  • Choose rFOIL 1800 instead of 4800 for when RF shielding is desirable.

Product Documents

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Applications for 4800 NT Radiant Barrier

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