2290 Standard Reflective Duct Insulation


Use a low-profile duct insulation product to control condensation and to seal out duct systems from attic dust and fibrous glass particles. Our rFOIL 2290 Standard Reflective Duct Insulation series consists of a double-layer of polyethylene bubble, bonded to and sandwiched between two radiant barrier sheets. An inspector-friendly easily visible code certification strip on 2290 means no hassles at the jobsite and extra peace of mind for installers!

Covertech has developed and tested two methods of installation which will yield thermal resistance of R-4.2 and R-6.0. Regardless of the suggested installation method chosen, 2290 is classified as Class 1/Class A in accordance with the ASTM E84-09 fire test standard. The product was mounted in accordance to ASTM-E2599-08.

rFOIL 2290 Standard Reflective Duct Insulation series is specially designed to provide a high thermal value with less product thickness in all residential and commercial duct applications. High compression resistance maintains thermal value.

Increase HVAC system efficiency and lifespan of HVAC equipment by installing 2290 Standard Reflective Duct Insulation today!

See What HVAC Insiders Say About 2290 Versus Standard Fiberglass Duct Insulation.


  • High Thermal Value with Less Product Thickness
  •  Stops Virtually All Heat from RADIATING into or out of Duct Systems
  •  Air Spaces Provide Tremendous Condensation Control
  •  High Compression Resistance Maintains Thermal Value
  •  Clean, Safe, and Easy to Install
  •  Simple to Cut and Configure around Obstructions
  •  Will Not Harbor Mold, Mildew, or Other Fungi
  •  Will Not Rot, Degrade, Compress or Break Down Thermal Value over Time
  •  Seals Duct System from Attic Dust and Fibrous Glass Particles
  •  Allows Inspectors to Easily Identify Product and Specs


    • Installing 2290 Duct Insulation

Installing 2290 Standard Duct Insulation.

  • Choose Reflective Insulation

  Choose Reflective Insulation

  • Saving Energy

  Saving Energy

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  Full Room Burn Test

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  Be Informed

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  Patented Products

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  Evaluation Report

  • Easier Installations

  Easier Installations

  • The RIGHT tape.

  The RIGHT adhesive tape from rFOIL.


Product Documents

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Applications for 2290 Standard Reflective Duct Insulation

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