Because metal buildings conduct heat, maintaining desired temperatures during the summer and winter  months can be ongoing and expensive. Reflective insulation works by reducing the transfer of heat across  a buildings’ air spaces. Reflective insulation is manufactured with highly reflective surfaces. Ninety five to  ninety seven percent of the radiant heat that strikes the surface is reflected, and only three to five percent  of the heat is emitted through the insulation.

The major benefit of reflective insulation is that in the summer, heat that’s radiated through the roof is  reflected off the insulations surface back to the roof – not to the inside of the building – keeping  temperatures inside cooler. In the winter, heat inside a metal building is reflected off the insulation’s  shiny surface back into the building so that the heat is retained inside.

In addition to energy saving capabilities, reflective insulation has 5 other important attributes:

1. Easy to install, resulting in lower labor cost.
2. Lightweight, flexible and can be cut to fit any configuration.
3. Can be installed over previous insulation to increase insulating properties and/or to improve your building’s interior appearance.
4. The reflective surface can reduce interior lighting requirements by as much as 35 percent, helping to further reduce energy costs.
5. Low moisture transfer improves the overall thermal performance of the building.

Common FAQ’s Regarding Insulation in Metal Buildings:

Q: My metal building is just a warehouse and will use no heat nor a/c. Do I still need insulation?
A: To avoid heat gain in the summer as well as condensation problems inside the building, it is necessary to insulate a metal building. The fact that the warehouse is not air-conditioned is even more reason to install a radiant barrier.

Q: What are the approved methods to install reflective insulation in a Metal Building?
A: There are many uses and applications for Metal Buildings many of which employ different installation methods and techniques. Click here to find your specific metal building reflective insulation & barrier application install instructions.