Standard Warranty

Both our standard warranty and the 2600 warranty are special in their own way. Choose the product which serves your needs best.

Rest assured that whichever choice you make you will be installing a great insulation product backed by the rFOIL reputation.

Standard Warranty Covers:
1. rFOIL®Metal Building Insulation (2500 series)
2. rFOIL® Radiant Barriers (1800 and 4800 series)
3. rFOIL® F/F Reflective Insulation (2200 series) … For various Uses, Including Metal Building Insulation
4. rFOIL® Reflective Duct Insulation (2290 series)
5. rFOIL® BIG-8 Reflective Duct Insulation (2280 series)
6. r Foil® – Big 6 Reflective Duct Insulation ( 2260 series)
7. rFOIL® Ultra CBF-Concrete Barrier Foil (1600 series)
8. rFOIL® Ultra CBF Concrete UnderPad (1620 series), and Standard  Concrete UnderPad (4300 series)
9. rFOIL® Radiant Barriers (1800 and 4800 series)
Click here for a downloadable pdf version of this warranty.
For 2600 Series Warranty, View next resource or click here.