2500 / 2600 series RETROFIT SYSTEM

What a Professional Installer Had to Say about rFOIL Reflective Insulation:

Menemsha Development of Weymouth Mass, provided the supervision and installation of the rFOIL insulation system for the company (Just Food for Dogs).

Before Installation

Having built many PEMB, I was familiar with your rFOIL products and the new clip system. The rFOIL Installation went extremely well and did not take a lot of time nor manpower to install. Your rFOIL clip system for purlin / girt was easy to attach making the overall job simple and clean to do.

The end result speaks for itself. The client (Just Food for Dogs) was pleased with the final installation and overall appearance of the product. As the photos show, we took a dated looking Industrial space and brought it back to a nice new crisp appearance using the rFOIL product.

After Installation

We highly recommend the rFOIL Retrofit Clip System to anyone looking to achieve the same goals.

Jim Kelly

Menemsha Solutions

Superintendent | Construction Services Los Angeles | Boston