Easier to Work With”

“Shorter Installation Time”

“Much easier to work with than Fiberglass”

What an rFOIL Big 8 Customer Wrote About Our Product:

I have asked the installers in the field about the rFOIL Big 8 duct wrap product we have been using on our new construction sites. The technicians have been very happy with this product.  The most common response is that they prefer this to standard fiberglass FSK type wrap. The fiberglass has always been difficult to work with. This product has a neater overall finish when taped properly. The builders always appreciate the finished product. Likewise, I have never had an inspector question the product.

The cost difference is justified due to the time savings in cutting and taping this product versus the FSK type insulation. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Thomas J. Muggeo General Manager
Southbury, Connecticut 06488