Q: I am interested in purchasing one of your reflective insulation products. Do I purchase it online or somewhere else?
A: Our products are all available through distributors and sellers throughout North America. Email your location and your product of interest in the form below and we will email some options for you.

Q: Are fire retardants added to the HVAC metal duct insulation products?
A: Fire retardants are not added to our HVAC products as they are not necessary. Our products are rated Class 1, Class A with a flame rating of 0 and a smoke development of 10. See more information here regarding the safety and tested quality of our reflective insulations.

Q: I was wondering if your product 1800 Ultra NT Radiant Barrier has any acoustical testing performed or data sheets available?
A: Our material does not have any acoustical value or benefits, therefore no testing or data sheets.

Q: We have metallic and non-metallic pentetrations or holes in our product and we would like to know the manufacturer’s recommendations for addressing this issue.
A: Both metallic and non-metallic penetrations or perforations can be addressed by covering with foil tape. We recommend using our foil tape product #15513 or 3M branded foil tape #11702 made with conductive adhesive. See more about our tapes here.

Q: When installing Ultra NT Radiant Barriers for SCIF’s (1800) we are applying it directly to studs and then hanging drywall over it. What are some approved adhesives for applying this material?
A: Super 77 from 3M is an approved adhesive.

Q: After installing your SCIF Product (Ultra NT Radiant Barrier) do I need to perform a test to make sure there are no gaps in the fields of installation?
A: We do not require any additional test criteria– if you followed the installation specs you are good to go.

Q: I have a cabin with 2×6 open rafter with no insulation and have been looking at styrofoam board with R-Value 10. Would your rolled reflective insulation work better just over the rafter and not between?
A: Yes. You can use our product rolled over the rafters and use the airspace between the joist as the R-Value (Wall R-value 6.8, Ceiling R-Value 10, Floor R-value 5).

Q: Can you please confirm that we can penetrate the foil of your product (Ultra NT Radiant Barrier) with screws or other fasteners, without voiding the warranty or functionality of the product? The walls we are installing on require some electrical devices and pathways to be surface mounted on the drywall.
A: Yes, you can use screws or other fasteners without voiding our warranty or the functionality of the radiant barrier material.

Q: Can staples be used to attach Ultra Nt Radiant Barrier (1800) to substrate? What about to concrete or metal roof panels?
A: Staples and Super 77 Spray Adhesive from 3M are ideal for the installation of 1800 Series product line.

Q: What is the maximum temperature recommended for your product to withstand?
A: The maximum temperature we suggest is 250 F.

Q: Can I spray paint over the rFoil bubble wrap?
A: Yes, you can spray paint over the bubble foil.

Q: We cannot use paper faced foil in open crawl spaces because of the fire hazard of the paper. Will your product meet code in regards to it being flammable if used in conjunction with un-faced fiberglass?
A: Yes. Our products meet the Class 1, Class A fire rating under the ASTM E89-09 test and can be used with un-faced fiberglass.

Q: I’m looking at purchasing Ultra NT SCIF Barrier (through National Building Supply). Do you produce that product and does it include your warranty?
A: No. There are a few different products in the market that are using names similar to our Ultra NT Radiant Barrier (1800). They are not produced by Covertech nor carry our warranty. If the roll does not have a Covertech logo on it, then it’s not a Covertech product.

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