Covertech Flexible Packaging Announces new brand line rShield®

Covertech Flexible Packaging, a division of Covertech Fabricating Inc. announces their new brand line rShield®. The new brand embraces many years and of expertise in both reflective insulation and flexible packaging manufacturing. The knowledge points come together and form the basis of their numerous products now offered to the cold chain shipping & packages industry. Information can be found on their new website

The rShield® brand line provides cold chain shipping solutions in the form of Insulated Box Liners, Insulated Bubble Rollstock, Cold Shipping Bubble Pouches/Mailers, Insulated Pallet Covers as well as other related products.

All rShield® packaging solutions (excluding RF/EMI Transmission Shielding Pouches) employ a single or double bubble insulation layer sandwiched by foil linings which protect the temperature of a package or container contents via blocking radiant heat transfer, up to 97% successful, as well as providing thermal protection. In addition to protecting the temperature of a package bubbles provide cushion for package protection. Desired temperature ranges of properly constructed packages are maintained for several days. These products also take up less storage space and tend to have significantly less associated shipping costs than traditional foam products.

All products are manufactured and delivered from a modern 107,000 sq. foot facility in Toronto, Ontario. Covertech will sell and ship to dealers and distributors throughout North America. If you would like more information please request information here or call 888-887-3645. Covertech’s custom order to delivery date is tops in the industry.