Buyer Beware of Ultra NT SCIF Barrier!

Don’t be misled or confused by the name Ultra NT SCIF Barrier.
This product (which is distributed by National Building Supply Inc.) is NOT
manufactured by COVERTECH. The name is similar but it’s not the same product.

Covertech’s product is “rFOIL® Ultra NT Radiant Barrier “ (1800 Series)
which is trademarked. Each roll is printed with the Ultra NT radiant barrier 1800 series name and Covertech logo.

If the roll you purchased does not have a printed Covertech Logo on it… then it’s not a Covertech product! The rFOIL® Ultra NT Radiant Barrier can be obtained through authorized Covertech dealers. Authorized dealers can be identified by calling Covertech at 416-798-1340 or toll free at 1-800-837-8961.

See the original press release.